Industrial Printer Leasing

Industrial Printer Leasing

Are you looking to lease a commercial / industrial printer for your business? Here are some things you will need to determine in order to get the best printer for your needs.

industrial printer leasing
  • What is the maximum size paper you will print on? ( Legal? 11 x 17? or Larger?)
  • How many pages per month do you expect to print? ( low / mid volume – 20k prints per month? high volume 50-100k prints per month?)
  • Do you need color prints or only black and white? (cost for black prints avg. 1.5 cents – 3 cents, color prints 7.5 cents – 10 cents)

Ready to get started? With answers to these simple questions we can quickly give you a no obligation quote.


Should I buy or lease my printer / copier?

There’s lots of value to possessing something. The lack of interest and payments are clearly the largest of motives. Nevertheless, possessing your multifunctioncost of ownership copier office copier occasionally is not the fiscal strategy that is finest. Companies stand to gain in various manners with a copier lease done right. It’s a typical myth we hear on a regular basis in our company, and points to copier leases better when you consider the total price of doing business.

Not always. Here’s why:

1. If so, it is generally more economical to lease according to the arithmetic.

2. Is cash significant for your business? Would you need a credit line extended if an unanticipated expense happens?

3. To put it simply, what’s your “yield” on matters like marketing, investments, sales bonuses, stock, etc. Keep your cash and use your IRR to generate income for the business, if it is higher in relation to the rate paid on a multifunction copier lease.

4. If you are intending to get cash at the bank as opposed to leasing, consider the price borrowing that is accurate. With Ricoh or Konica Minolta leases, service is generally more affordable, and you generally have more flexibility with guarantees and contract upgrades. Plus, if you are intending to shift gear after four or five years, odds of getting anything for it (yourself) are slim to none.

Consider leasing your multifunction office copier next time around, if the preceding points are justifiable. Be cognizant of your contract’s particular parameters and understand how things are computed for the lease’s term.

How long will my printer ink / toner last?

toner costWhen printer companies talk about how many pages of print you get from a single toner/ink purchase, its based off average ink/toner coverage, and they use 5% coverage as the standard. Regrettably, 5% isn’t a substantial quantity. Your a typical office, so you’re not printing exactly the same thing repeatedly and there’s an excellent chance your coverage (and the number of actual prints) are going to be far less than the great sounding number that is quoted.

This will cost your company money by purchasing the incorrect printer. Deciding what type of copier or printer must go beyond spec sheets and the booklet. As a would-be buyer, think about the typical documents you print, and does your coverage look like a fax cover page or more often like a full page of printed text. If you’re generating output of a typical sheet of 8.5 x 11 with full page of text, you going to be better off leasing a copier / printer. Most MFP’s have cost per print that will result in a lower price per page cost.

Final thought: You should consider a copier lease if you believe your print prices could get out of control with coverage printing that is not 5%, or if you’re uncertain of your print output coverage. Don’t pay the price per page of three times more – and a commercial copier will get the job done in half the time. Most office equipment sellers have fixed price per page strategies that enable customers to pay for what they create in reference to what’s printed so you can budget accordingly. As an additional advantage, they’ll normally furnish all consumables and care when it needs to be repaired so you do not have to worry about running out of imaging supplies or repair of the gear.

Don’t Lease a copier till you know this

copier leaseHave you been getting ready to rent a multifunction copier for the office? Beyond the suggestion of the copier salesman there are several things which should be contemplated. Comprehend the rules of the local seller (and prices) before you enter into any long term contract to shield your organization from concealed expenses associated with a lease.





1.Many sellers bill otherwise for copies or prints made on bigger sized paper or tabloid. In the imaging business, most sellers use some form of price per copy computation.

2. Who pays for prints or service copies ran during service calls?

During service visits it’s standard for a tech to run several hundred prints to verify the problem is resolved.

3. Are you charge on supplies like toner, or just staples?

4. Is there any fee for making scans on the gear?

A growing number of multifunction devices are used for e-mail transmission and file archiving. Having to buy scans made is not a standard practice, but still a great thing to verify before jumping in.

5. What occurs by the end of your copier lease ?

How can your seller address removals and lease expiration? Furthermore, realize what occurs before the lease ends with your gear  To put it differently, does, or doesn’t your lease renew?

6. How can insurance work with the gear you rent?

1/4% of the strength value is the sector average per month. Inquire if you’re able to use your own insurance or if you have to use the insurance company associated with the leasing company.

7. Is property tax additional on a lease?

8. What’s your guarantee if you’re dissatisfied after the deal?

Does your seller respect giving you a completely different machine if something was not properly assessed?

9. Are there fees I should know about?

Every seller runs differently, so make an effort to summarize what is or is not covered.

10. What occurs after lease is over to the hard drive?

With the recent reports of security violations in the imaging business, it is necessary to realize just what happens to the hard drive of your machine if you return your gear by the end .

What to look for when searching for a copier company

Are you a small or medium business that has determined that printing cost are silently eating away at your profits?

bizhub 754 copier lease3 things to know before you lock in a copier company

  1. Do they have any current customers in your area? This is great at determining things like service times and if the copier company is familiar with business in your area.
  2. What do you currently spend on ink/toner, troubleshooting, setup and maintenance? In order to really determine the cost savings and the return on investment of a monthly copier lease, you need to pull all your invoices, petty cash, credit card statements and truly identify what your REAL cost today are. If the copier company you are considering doesn’t first uncover your true cost, they really aren’t a partner, and simply want to sell you something.
  3. Do they sell more than one brand? Many independent companies have been scooped up and now are part of the main copier company for which they sell. Ricoh, Toshiba, Lexmark, and many others all sell direct. This may seem like a competitive advantage, but its not always as it seems. When you only have a hammer, everything you see is a nail. Same with copier sales; price, size, speed and quality are just a few factors that determine what copier best suits you. An independent copier company will be able to offer you a greater selection, and that is better for your business.

B&W – Color Copy Lease Charges

black and white color copy lease costYou are likely looking for copy lease charges for Ashburn in regards to making color or black and white copies. There is no “one size fits all” cost to make a black and white or color copy/print. The way it works is the copier lease company figures out how many color copies and black and white copies (and prints) you will make monthly and factor that into your monthly fixed cost.

Here are some general rates to help you:

Rates vary based on volume primarily, but things like copier/printer type also play a role.

1 cent to 5 cents for black copies
7 cents to 15 cents for color copies

(888) 743-1669 or for more info

7 ways to Save Money on a Copier Lease


Here’s seven ways to save money on your next copier lease. Some might seem obvious but are overlooked when a copier lease is being considered.

  1. save money on copier leaseFigure out the real amount of copies you need make or print. This can be figured out from previous paper usage. Make sure you account for wastage if you had a poorly performing copier to replace – newer copiers are generally better at reducing wastage. Maybe set a target for reduction in usage but leave headroom so you don’t get caught out with a machine that cannot keep up.
  2. Look for fast copy performance where possible. If you calculate the total annual amount of waiting time that costs you in wages you would be surprised – perhaps horrified in some cases.
  3. Check out the competition for the copier spec you have in mind – most major copier manufacturers have competing machines which have slight variations in the specs – those variations can make a big difference to efficiency in the office – look for toner replacement cycles, paper storage amounts and copy speed.
  4. Balance the cost of the consumables against the cost of better quality – if you are not printing color photos, can you get away with using a lower grade of print for other applications? – if so how much does the copier allow you to save on toner by reducing quality and how efficient is the copier at reducing costs this way?
  5. Compare the lease lengths available – some larger copiers have quite a service lifetime ahead of them and when leasing you are getting technicians to look after them too, so a longer lease term which has lower monthly costs on average throughout the lease can save money.
  6. Choose carefully between Inkjet and Laser copier/printers. Always go laser to keep consumables costs down. Inkjet printing is heavy on consumables and only suitable in a limited number of applications. The mechanisms are cheaper but soon outweighed by the cost of the ink cartridges which even if self-filled, are expensive to run.
  7. See if you are able to use your own insurance to cover the machine or whether the lease contract requires insurance directly through the lease company. You may be able to save on leasing costs if you self-insure. Just be certain you get proper coverage.

If you need information about how to get the best copier lease, contact us today and we will guide you through the options and find the best copier lease deals for you!



Copier Lease Service Providers May Not Be So Keen on Re-usable Paper

copier lease service gets more complex

Re-usable paper for your copier?

Photocopying has notoriously been considered a relatively wasteful activity. Once printed upon, much output from a copier is barely used and exists purely for the sake of keeping records. Many of these records are only required for a short time and then the paper becomes an energy-consuming recycling activity. Even when recycled, the energy used to process this unused but unusable paper is never regained. In addition, the resulting pulp only makes cheaper paper products down the line.

In an attempt to thwart this energy waste from photocopiers, Toshiba came up with the bright idea of re-usable copier paper. This sounds a little crazy but they produced photocopier toner that can be removed leaving previously photocopied paper completely blank again. This means that the papaer can be re-used in the copier. Technology never ceases to amaze! According to Toshiba their copier eraser system works up to five times so potentially a piece of copier paper could be re-used that many times.

Will re-usable copier paper increase copier lease costs?

Will copier lease service bills rise as more copier paper jams occur. Imagine users who will attempt to shove a dog-eared document through the copier for the ninth time. Copier lease companies might have to reconsider their copier lease agreements relating to service seriously if (and most likely when) these machines come into mainstream use  in copier lease environments where service is included in the copier lease.

The next problem is that of the security of the documents copied that you DO want to keep. Although we all want to have a sustainable environment – a very worthy cause – we also need sustainable copies in many situations. Apparently, according to the Japanese Press Release from Toshiba, these “green” copiers use heat to remove the previously copied print. Is this going to be the downfall of reusable paper?

Heat loss

Would an unusually hot environment such as a window sill in direct sunlight therefore cause all of this months’ invoices to suddenly disappear? Even small instances of heat exposure could cause areas of the page to vanish. This does not bode well for those who use copied documents and then perhaps add a signature at the bottom – the document you sign may not be the same after a hot coffee cup is placed on it. If heat can remove the contents of a photocopied page then copied pages using such technology may as well be written in pencil – at least pencil leaves an impression which can be recovered. Perhaps a means of choosing whether copies are erasable/non-erasable might help but it looks like more effort in development will be required before a large proportion of business will be able to confidently use such photocopier eraser systems.

On the plus side there will undoubtedly be a market for these copier machines and they are sure to be good for the environment. What is for sure is that reusing paper in copiers will be a great thing but only if the technology pans out. Service agreements for copier lease  on these products might have to be ironed out at the same rate as the re-usable paper unless the technology can guarantee no increase in copier service callouts! Perhaps the mechanism allows for the paper to be re-milled as it passes through – we’ll have to wait and see what Toshiba (and no doubt other copier makers) will come up with.

Copier cost – how accurate are your latest quotes?

How much does a business copier cost?

A business copier costs start about $150/mo. Surprised we just answered that so quick? Most of your Google searches today about the cost of a copier will have you read a ton of information and the will most likely end up with you needing to talk to someone. That’s not how we work; we prefer to answer your copier cost question before we require a phone call. Our goal is to help you with your buying experience. Before you jump to another page or worse, make a copier purchase, let’s discuss why a copier purchase may not be good for your business – read on to find out why you should consider your copy cost carefully. Read more

Copier Lease | Act like you did when you wanted the business

Why do so many copier lease companies close?

I was looking for a place to get my vehicle inspected and stopped by an existing car shop that had been previously closed for at least a year. Today, out front was a sign saying they were new, and now open. I decided to stop in and see if they could help me. I was plesantly surprised to see a nice clean waiting room with a fully stocked and prepared coffee bar. I was immediately greeted by all THREE employees who eagerly wanted to help me. Turns out they don’t have a license for a few more weeks and could not help me, but apologized profusely for the inconvenience.

Everyone wants to sell a copier lease, but no one wants to work for it

After such a abnormally positive experience at a car repair shop, atypical for its industry (copier lease business is a dog eat dog world too), It reminded me of how many people sell copiers in Houston alone – almost 200! But as soon as one pops up another closes. This likely common occurrence only drives how important it is to continue doing what you did when you first started as a copier leasing company – SERVE.

The ecopierlease approach

When we first opened our digital doors, every phone call or online request for information about a copier lease was greeted with enthusiasm to make a difference by helping you save time and money with a copier lease structured just for you. Despite the fact we no longer get just a single copier lease inquiry in a day, we still focus on keeping that same great passion for what we do. Why not let us show you?


Are your copiers  “Old school”?


We often still see old copiers in funny magazine pages and wonder, did people really use those things? For as long as people have needed a second copy, we have had copiers, so yes, they have been around forever. Today’s copiers have changed a lot!

Today’s machines  Scan, Copy, Fax EASY


No more 1980’s single line monochrome readout copiers that NO ONE can read, much less make any sense of how to do something as simple as send a fax. Todays copiers are become more of a simple computer and less of a clunky hard to use device. We can program all your fax numbers of course, but we can do way more. We can setup all your faxes to go to one or more people via email, cutting down on printed documents. But why fax when you can scan in color or black and white PDF’s and scan right to your email?

A new copier | Welcome to the new simple

When you lease copiers from us, we delivery your chosen device AND we get right to customizing it for how you will use it. Feel free to ask your network technician about ways to make your life easier. Are you already in a copier lease but not happy with the functionality of the machine or have outgrown it? We can often buy out your current copier lease and get you into something more to your liking.



Copier Lease Vs Purchase

Is Copier Lease a Better Option than a Copier Purchase?

Great, you are already one step ahead if you are here! You are likely to be one of the 3 types of customer:

  1. Have one or more small printers / copiers but the cost of ink, toner and maintenance has become a  job in itself.
  2. You have experience with copier leasing and looking for the right company to help fill your copier lease needs
  3. You are new to the need for a copier and want to know which is best, a copier lease vs purchase.

1. Copier Lease vs Purchase

If you’re the first example, I don’t have to spend much time talking about as your printer / copier fleet grows, so does the time it takes to keep them all copier leasingrunning. You may feel like the clown in the picture, juggling all the different task to keep everyone going. The first thing you need to know is copier leasing alleviates all this. If you replace your 10 different desktop printers with 10 same model, high output printers, it becomes much easier to manage. Now only 1 toner cartridge do you need to keep on hand, and everyone becomes more comfortable printing to the standardized fleet.


2. Toner and Service – No longer your problem with copier leasing

copier leasing colorado

Copier leasing takes the headaches of setting up a new user to print, installing the new printer on the network, finding the paper jam when there is NO PAPERJAM! “PC load letter” no longer is your problem, your local copier leasing company will

copier leasing paper jam

make sure that you get same day service for all your service needs. Toner close to out and seems like everyone else in town also ran out of that same ink / toner also? Toner is part of your copier lease and is shipped usually 2-day air direct to you! Just call when your low and we will ship it out.


3. All inclusive payment and service

When you purchase a printer or copier outright, that’s just the beginning. But, with a copier leasing company, they simplify your billing and things you had to usually send someone out to do. Copier toner and unlimited maintenance service calls are all part of your copier leasing agreement. [clear]

So if you needed to know whether to opt for a copier lease vs purchase, we hope you understand now the difference and perhaps will realize that a copier lease is a fairly all-inclusive way to have a copier available at your business. A purchase on the other hand, is going to require you to get involved in its care, service, stocking consumables and perhaps understanding the operation of multiple manufacturers’ models as you chase the best copier deals. We believe a copier lease has by far the most predictable cost structure so for that reason alone, leasing is the best option for a business looking to manage costs.

Lease a Copier

Lease a Copier

If you’re looking to lease a copier now or in the future, we are here to help answer your questions and give advice. What are some of the reasons you might want to lease a copier vs. buy a copier?


Repairs and Maintenance

lease copierEver looked at a copier repair manual? Most copier repair manuals are 900+ pages and written with the expectation that a certified copier lease technician will repair it. If you buy the copier, new or used, vs. copier leasing, you will still 100% need a copier technician at some point. Depending on how many copies/prints per month you make, and how often you use the scanner, you actually NEED a copier technician to provide preventative maintenance or risk causing more expensive dammage to your copier.

Simplified Cost

copier leaseAs a business owner, big or small, you job is to spend as much time taking care of your customers and making your employees and customers happy. When you lease a copier, you are able to reduce the different people/departments that have to process and purchase supplies, service, and billing for your copier. When you lease a copier, you get a single monthly payment that includes EVERYTHING but the paper! No more “where do we get toner?” or “who do we call for repair?” You call or go online and get toner and service.


Upgrade/Downgrade your copier lease

copier leasing changeWith any business, the flow of customers and business is never constant. A copier lease provides you with the flexibility to swap out of your smaller copier and into a faster one without having to purchase a completely new machine as you would with a traditional purchase. What about if your business has an unexpected slow down? No problem, move into a smaller copier lease and reduce your monthly payment.


Lease a copier today

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Ricoh Multifunction Printers Support Apple’s AirPrint

Ricoh Multifunction Printers Support Apple’s AirPrint

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch copier leaseYou may have noticed how more and more people have an “i device”. Even in the workplace, use of the the BlackBerry is quickly diminishing and its replacement is the iPhone. Many users want to print directly from their iPhone/Pads – Airprint allows an easy-select  one touch print service – not even an app needs to be installed!

Many of the new Ricoh copiers now support AirPrint which enables Wireless Printing from iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
This makes it possible for customers to print documents, photographs, images, and so forth directly from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch without installing a printer driver or an application. 


Don’t worry if your Ricoh does not support AirPrint – Check out this inexpensive device that lets you nativly print to ANY (and all) printers you already have!

[button link=”/make-any-printer-an-airprint-printer/” color=”#ff8000″ window=”false” size=”large” text=”Check it Out”]


Below are all the necessary requirements for making certain new Ricoh models work.

1-An upgrade of MFPs firmware may be necessary depending on the models.
Operating Environment and Compatible Models
■Operating Environment
Compatible OS iOS 4.2 or later
Target devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
■Compatible Models
Color MFPs
Aficio MP C5502/C4502/C3502/C3002/C305 Series
B/W MFPs Aficio MP 5002/4002/301 Series
* This printing function requires a model with a printer function or the mounting of an option that is compatible
with a printer function.
* AirPrint functionality requires an AirPrint-enabled MFPs connected to the same Wi-Fi network as iOS devices.
* Depending on the application, printing may not be available.
* iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPrint
and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.
* Wi-Fi is registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
* All other company names or product names appearing in the News Release are company trademarks

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Apple AirPrint – wireless multifunction printer copier” description=”wireless printing with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch” manfu=”Ricoh” single_rating=”5″ agg_rating=”50″ price=”$299.00″ condition=”New” ]

The Various Benefits of a Houston Copier Lease

Houston Copier Lease?houston copier lease

As a business, the focus should be on running that business, interacting with customers and clients, producing positive results and making future network contacts – not worrying about the “behind the scenes” concerns. For example, when a document needs to be copied in order to complete a sale, you expect that the simple task of making a copy would be the least of your concerns, not the question of the copier being reliable.

For this reason, a Houston copier lease is the most time-saving, worry-free solution there is. Some of the benefits include the convenience of servicing and not having to spend time shopping for parts and supplies. Most times, a Houston copier lease also allow for a demo period, where you can try different copiers before you decide which one to ultimately want to sign a lease contract for.

Besides having to keep inventory of the toner cartridges, which can be ordered directly through the lease provider or via telephone, no other servicing is required to be performed by the business. If there is a problem, a quick service call to the leasing company will initiate a visit from one of the representative, who will come to the business and service the copier on-site. If the issue is more severe, a replacement copier can be left at the business, while the original is taken by the representative to be serviced. Some Houston copier lease companies may even offer discounts on supplies, such as copy paper, for businesses who sign a lease contract.

Even though the long-term cost of leasing a copier can be higher than purchasing one outright, the peace of mind in knowing these benefits exist can balance out the cost factor. Some leases are structured that during the lease contract, the option is always there to change models, including upgrades.

Copier Lease Houston | or new motor oil?

Copier Lease Houston

Although our opening graphic is that of NOT purchasing a consumer printer and going with a Copier Lease Houstonthere are some times where a copier lease may not fit the bill.
Here is my 2 cents. If we can service you, go with us! 🙂 (After all – we have more repeat customers for copier lease’s in Houston than anyone)
BUT, if we are not able to service you, follow my advice. Consider consumer printers for what they are – disposable devices. Companies know you always buy more ink / toner first when things are not working, and that is where they make their money. You likely also had already sunken money into your printer trying to fix, all to no avail. This is very common, and expected. Buy only enough printer for what you will do with it, and then pay someone to setup for you if networking/fax setup is not something you enjoy doing. (GeekSquad can do it, or some other small IT company) Then use the printer until it dies  and repeat 🙂
Dell’s and Brothers are what I go with, but not for any particular reason.
A color multi function for $249 or $449 if you want a little faster speed. Replace the toner until it stops working and then TRASH IT – that’s it, just think of a consumer printer like you do motor oil in your car, designed to be replaced, not fixed.
This I promise will save you much heartache with a copier lease from someone who will promise you the world while looking ONLY to sell you a copier and move on. The sales person is paid as soon as your copier is delivered, if you don’t want to pay, it effects them NONE, the company that you have the loan/lease from is who you deal with for payments or non-payment. This is why WHO you deal with, is just as important as WHAT copier you lease.
In closing, commercial copiers need TLC, no matter what brand, they are high performance machines like a race car – very fast – but need a team to keep them tip top, even a brand new one. If you don’t choose service on a commercial printer / copier, then stick to throwing out your old “motor oil” and get some new.
Copier Lease Houston is who we are!

Konica Lease – Lease Konica Minolta Copiers

bizhub c454 copier leaseIf you are a small or medium business, the purchase of copier equipment and supplies can be downright expensive!  You should strongly consider a copier lease.  A multi-function copier that performs as a copier, scanner, printer and facsimile is a wise choice for your growing business.The copier lease makes much better business sense than purchase.  First, a copier lease typically provides for a service agreement whereby the supplier agrees to service the equipment.  Also, the copier lease usually allows for the upgrade of equipment as equipment becomes worn or otherwise obsolete. With copier program we can make this an easy choice for you.

Copier Lease Houston | Local Logistics = Faster Service

Copier Lease Houston

Local Logistics

Many of the major vendors in the copier lease / copier rental industry are cutting back (saving money) by centralizing inventory of service parts, supplies and equipment/accessories.  The result of centralization from the customers’ perspective is slower turn around times for parts, supplies, loaners (if needed) and even new equipment orders. We a locally owned, financially strong and nimble lease company that sees a strategic competitive advantage by inventorying service parts, supplies and equipment.  Local logistical support provides our customers faster turn around times for supplies, less equipment downtime due to stocking service parts locally and quicker and easier equipment installations.  This “common sense” business practice allows us to be “closer to Our Customers” while providing a more productive and efficient vendor/customer relationship.

Copier Lease Houston

copier lease | IKON is now Ricoh, but what does this mean?

Ricoh announced today that it will assimilate the IKON brand. IKON was once one of the largest independent copier lease companies. With tough markets and competition in the  business, it has been hard to remain an independent copier lease company. In the ever changing markets of cost vs. value, has gone the other direction and become one of the few powerful and growing  companies. Being a privately held company allows us to focus on customer needs first and not always the bottom line only.

Copier Leasing – Get copy machine lease advice

Business class copiers are built to handle large quantities of printing duties. Before entering into a copier lease agreement, make sure the copier has some of the following features:

  • Can print 20 copies per minute or more.
  • Color and black and white printing.
  • Wireless or wired capability with connectivity to multiple computers.
  • Finishing components if you like to save time – such as stapling or booklet making.
  • 1 gb of memory to handle large jobs.

Business copier lease agreements usually include maintenance as well as the ability to trade-up to newer models. Leasing allows the business to pay a smaller monthly fee instead of making a large upfront purchase.

Check out our copier lease specials  

Copier Houston | How to find a Copier in Houston

When it comes to copier’s in Houston, there are pages and pages in the phone book dedicated to people trying to sell you a copier in Houston. When making a decision to acquire a copier, you should consider how we are different from other copier companies. We are one of only a few LARGE copier dealers in Houston. What does that mean? We don’t outsource our service technicians to another company, we have service technicians on staff for tour copier needs.

Copier Houston

We offer copiers of every type, and we are brand agnostic, so we don’t try to sell you a copier just because its the only one we carry.


If you look around our site, you will see some of the many Houston Texas clients we already service, why not let us work for you?

Photocopier Lease | How Smart Copier Lease Works

Keep business costs low by getting a copier lease instead of purchasing a photocopier. A copier lease, like the Smart Copier lease, allows businesses to lease the copier for an extended period of time at a fixed monthly payment.

Businesses choose a copier lease based on their needs and agree to a lease period, such as 36 months. The company delivers the copier and the business pays monthly payments until the lease expires. After the lease ends, the copier is returned to the leasing company.

Make sure your business class copier lease includes a maintenance agreement that offers emergency repairs.

How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Business Copier?

Does your Ashburn business copier make more than 1,000 copies a month? If so, you may be able to save money with a business copier lease than by purchasing the copier outright.

copier lease

Click to see my special price!

A good quality brand-name business copier can cost thousands of dollars to buy. Leasing, however, may average between $150 and $2000 per month, depending on features included with the copier, such as two-sided copies, color copies, varied paper sizes, multiple paper trays, and scanning option. (Speed is one of the largest determining factors of the copier / printer lease cost)

Before signing a copier lease, find out if toner and service are included, and what the service plan covers, along with final payout cost.


Truth About Copier Warranties and Refurbished Copiers

Used car guarantees are sometimes not the most effective price, however you should consistently get one in regards to copier guarantees, states Copiers Refurbished, a top national dealer of accredited refurbished and used copiers.
In their new post, “Why Can I Buy A Refurbished Copier Using A Guarantee?” Copiers Refurbished shows the facts about copier guarantees, and why they’re a must have.

“In case you’re looking to buy an extra or second-hand copier but are worried regarding the characteristic of neighborhood service, a copier guarantee for example ours is the exclusive approach to make certain peace of mind together with your buy,” stated a Copiers Refurbished consultant.

Every Copiers Refurbished copier includes a “same as fresh” whole 90 day onsite parts and labour guarantee. Their two-year extended guarantee insures all leading circuit boards, motors and scanning models for 2 years, and subsequently it will be insured under that deal when a secondhand copier is below an area service contract. They also offer community drivers and user guides on CD-FORMAT for their copiers.

Moreover, even though their duplicate machines all come from short-term leases, off-lease contracts, revenue demos as well as corporate down-sizing, they nevertheless insist on setting each accredited used copier through their award winning 93-stage refurbishing procedure.

Copiers Refurbished is a national independent supplier of duplicate machines focusing on renting and selling marginally used b/w as well as color copiers throughout the reduced 48 Usa. Refurbished copiers from Copiers Refurbished work like new using a significantly lower cost, and contain all the conveniences of an extra copy machine for example adaptive payment options, an outstanding guarantee and next day shipping.